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How to get a Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty in Las Vegas)

Myomas or fibroids are benign tumors of the uterine muscle and affect about 20% of women. Here is more information on rhinoplasty or a nose surgery in Las Vegas & Henderson.

Their occurrence is conditioned by hormonal and genetic phenomena.

The excision of the myoma or myomectomy will depend on the trained symptoms and the intensity of these.

The mode of intervention depends directly on their topography which determines their accessibility;

In this chapter we will discuss abdominal myomectomy (or laparotomy). The endoscopic or vaginal route being treated in the operative hysteroscopy chapter.


The serous myomas develop towards the exterior therefore towards the abdominal cavity

The interstitial myomas develop in the thickness of the wall

These two types of myomas can only be removed abdominally.

The submucosal and intracavitary myomas develop inside the uterus so they will be treated endoscopically, thus vaginally in operative hysteroscopy.


The incision is transversal in the pubesis of a size close to that of the myoma, the intervention consists in simply removing the myoma (s) whose cleavage with respect to the uterus is generally easy and to close the wall of the uterus. This uterine suture can lead to adhesions of neighboring organs.

The myomectomy scar can be considered fragile and have a caesarean section for future pregnancies. A urinary catheter is kept 24 hours and the perfusion is removed from the expelled gases.

Fibroids are only removed when they are symptomatic. Their topography is therefore more important than their size; Are taken into account:

– bleeding (submucosal myomas +++, sometimes interstitial +)
– infertility (submucosal myomas +++, interstitial if they have a certain volume)
– voluminous myomas (> 8-10 cm) which can lead to gravity and gene, deformation of the wall.