Keeping Strange Company

The short film, ‘Keeping Strange Company’, produced in collaboration between filmmaker Meghan Horvath and researcher Josefine Baark from History of Art, University of Cambridge, looks at how Danish royalty imaginatively interpreted a little known place – the Far East – and how, this created a fascinating world-view of its own. It asks, how did Chinese artefacts and images impact on the artistic aesthetic adhered to by the Danish court, before and after the establishment of the Danish Asiatic Company’s direct trade route to China in 1732? Ultimately, ‘Keeping Strange Company’ proposes that artistic innovation in the pursuit of profit rendered the East a fantasy from the early days of Danish trading.

Researcher: Josefine Baark
Department: History of Art
Film maker: Meghan Horvath

Cambridge Shorts allows University of Cambridge researchers at an early stage of their career to work with artists and film makers to make films using innovative ways to visualise research processes and outputs.