The startup that makes your startup look cool: Small Empires Ep. 7

Sandwich has become the most sought-after producer of videos for tech companies large and small.


Building and launching an app is actually cheaper and easier than ever. With free tutorials and open source toolkits, the barrier to entry is low. Much of the complex backend work can be offloaded to big providers like Amazon or Facebook, who handle cloud storage or identity. Getting people to actually notice your company among the throng of new startups launching every day, however, is very tough. Unless you’re featured in an app store or make it into the top 10, it can be difficult to find your initial traction. That’s where a viral video comes in.

Sandwich is a video production company that has found the perfect tone for the moment. Dry, self-deprecating, and hilarious, while simultaneously conveying lots of information and a sense of cool that comes from being a part of the near future. We’ve covered many of the companies they crafted videos for, from Casper to Coin to Push For Pizza.

The company is taking a unique approach to working with startups, many of whom don’t have the cash on hand to afford a slick, professionally produced video. They are accepting equity in the young businesses that they work with, and they’re sometimes negotiating a revenue share. That gives Sandwich the same kind of upside that a venture capitalist might enjoy if the startup they are working with becomes the next rocket ship headed for an IPO.

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